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Existing Clients

-Tattoo In Progress-

You're welcome to book the remaining sessions needed to finish your tattoo now! 

Please do so HERE using the password "tattoome"

**please note- the above link is NOT for new tattoos, only works in progress. If you book a new tattoo session without getting approval, your appointment will be cancelled and I will send you a scornful email**

New Clients/projects

Please read through the following terms and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to submit a new tattoo project for the remainder of 2024. 

masks in the shop are encouraged but not required

Booking Terms

Design Preferences

- Cover ups, on scars and/or other tattoos, are accepted if they are in a state deemed workable. Most cases will require an in person consultation to see and measure the space you want to cover.

- All skin tones and body types are welcome.

- I am only tattooing my own original art work. I am happy to work off of reference images or create custom pieces based on your own preferences, given I have the ability to make the piece my own and work in my own unique personal style.

- Line work pieces, full color, and black & grey, are all welcome. 

- I am most interested in tattooing large scale animals, human figures, portraits, flowers, nature scenes of all kinds, creatures, birds, insects, or monsters found in folklore, and the fantasy or sci-fi genre. I also enjoy doing fan art for video games, anime, movies, graphic novels, etc. I love semi-realism illustrative work.

- I am no longer accepting most small tattoo projects (under 4"x4" and/or less than one hour of work.)

- I am currently not interested in tattooing anything involving text, script, tribal, Celtic, trash polka, mehndi/henna, or geometric imagery. I will not tattoo anything that can be perceived as hateful or involving hate speech.

- To achieve the standard set for my tattoo projects, full trust and relative artistic freedom are required. Drawings are never sent through email beforehand.


- Each appointment requires a non-refundable $100 deposit. (Consultations, however, are a free service.)

- Tattoo dates are liable to change and retain their deposit, given at least 72 hours notice.

- Rescheduling with less than 72 hours is considered a last minute reschedule and will require an additional deposit. 

- If you reschedule twice or more consecutively, you will be required to leave an additional deposit.

- If you show up more than 20 minutes late to your scheduled tattoo, you forfeit your time slot and your deposit.

- If you show up to an appointment unprepared (i.e. without your ID or proper payment amount) it is then considered a last minute reschedule, and you will be required to leave another deposit to reschedule.



This is advised for most tattoo projects, but required for anything being designed to fit a full limb or act as a cover up over tattoos or scars.

- If your project requires an in-person consultation, please book it at least one full week prior to your tattoo appointment. Failure to do so may result in being rescheduled and /or losing your deposit. Consultations are a free service. 

- You do not need to bring money with you to your consultation. Unless you would prefer to pay an appointment deposit in cash, it is typically all done through my online calendar with a card or paypal.

Touch - Ups

- Touch up sessions are free within the first year of your last tattoo session. After that time they are subject to standard tattoo rates.

- Email if you need current booking information


- Tattoo appointments are available in Small Sessions of 1.5 hours for $350 (my minimum rate) and larger Half Day sessions of 3 hours for $675. If your tattoo does not take the entire time slot in order to complete, you will simply be charged my hourly rate of $225. 


- I no longer tattoo more than 4 hours in a single day, for the sake of helping preserve my hands, hips, and spine, but am willing to extend Half Day sessions by an hour or two, by request, if that better accommodates the project/client. (Especially for those traveling from out of town

- I prefer payment at the end of each tattoo session via cash, Venmo, Paypal or Cash App. I do not accept cards or checks.


- You need to be 18 years of age or older with valid state ID in order to get tattooed. No exceptions.

- You may view my recommended ways to prepare for your tattoo appointment, as well as aftercare instructions, on my FAQ page.

- Rosewater Tattoo welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. We strive for an accepting, inviting, and positive environment. If behavior is exhibited that may make our artists or other clients uncomfortable, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Please keep in mind that other clients are often in vulnerable positions, perhaps getting a tattoo that requires a level of nudity or exposure, and that must be treated with respect at all times.  

- By submitting the following new project proposal form you are acknowledging having read and agreeing to the terms listed above on this page.

Tattoo Proposal Form

Success! Thank you for your submission! Please check your inbox for a response on June 15th

Rosewater Tattoo is located at 2915 NE Broadway St. in NE Portland, Oregon

 Open 12pm-8pm, seven days a week

503.719.6393 |

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